Design and Development

Preliminary Designs; Exploring light, colour and vibrance as if you were at a concert

Design Brief

My design brief and theme is based on a term I have coined ‘Clinical Sanctuary’. This theme is a melding between my influences as a Podiatrist and my creative and artistic side; melding precision with style. My design priorities are based on the following; Authenticity Originality Individuality Transparent manufacturing Comfort Style The designs are targeted…

Pick the right shoe for you!

Before we get stuck right into it; these are a collection of photos from recent National Gallery of Victoria visits that I gather so much information and inspiration from. I love the interplay between form and function in many of these exhibits. I get drawn into some of these works as if two apposing forces…

Monk strap photo shoot

Here is a pait that I have thrown together rather quickly squeezing this design in after finishing work in semester 1 2017 and commencing semester 2. We are currently in the design phase of semster two and enjoying it thoroughly:

Inspiration station

After a good month and a half break, we are back into the swing of things drawing and planning our next shoe. The planning and design process is proving challenging and time consuming for the cohort, drawing ideas and construction techniques from limited experiences. I maintain the belief that the quality of our end product…

Making Shoes to last- What does it take?

Over the last 5 months during this RMIT Cert IV Custom Footwear Design course, we have learnt how much effort, time and skill it takes to create a shoe that will serve its owner well. The skills we have had to practice have varied from sewing, drafting, lasting, pattern making, folding, skiving, soling, grinding, gluing, drawing, re-enforcing,…

Frankie4 Pop-up Shop Melbourne

Over the weekend, my partner and I visited the Pop-up Frankie4 Footwear Shop and thoroughly enjoyed our experience. Frankie4 is a Queensland based company expanding its reach across Australia producing good quality footwear with the mission to ‘save soles’. Blending comfort with style, their range includes clever designs with either a Frankie4 footbed or Frankie4 sole unit. In my opinion, too…

NGV Footwear collection. Behind The Scene

RMIT Custom Footwear design students were lucky enough to be taken behind the scenes to have a look at some of the custom footwear in storage at the NGV building in Melbourne. Unfortunately, we were unable to source the details of the shoes but here are some images. Some designers include Claire Best, Robert Hassett,…

Illustrator Footwear Design Introduction!

Playing around with illustrator has been challenging to say the least but I can certainly see the benefits of it! I have had so many fond memories of Neapolitan Ice-cream that I thought I would play around with the colours scheme of this family staple dessert. Many more designs to come!  

“Hero” drawing

Brand: Anne Michelle Peep Toe Stiletto Platform Heel Leather inner, synthetic upper