The Desk epidemic

We all sit for such long periods of time and we don’t really understand the effects that our surrounding environment really has on us. Setting up your workplace ergonomically can change your productivity, your posture, your stiffness and your all around well being.

Setting up your computer screen at a height closer to the level of your eyes encourages you to activate your core and to sit up straighter.

Two feet shoulder width apart flat on the ground allows you to support your lower spine. Crossing your feet over puts extra stress and strain on the vertebrae and the discs in your lower back.

Adjusting the keyboard position and angle using the tabs on the underside of the keyboard  can put less strain on your wrists.

You’re probably thinking, why does all this matter? The muscles in our shoulders and neck are the most common places where we as people hold our stress. This position causes our shoulders to compensate for the job that our core (or abdominal muscles) were designed for.

Consistent stimulus in the workplace to improve our posture over time will reduce our stress levels. You might find you sleep better at night and are more productive during the day. Some of the most common problems GPs, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Podiatrists see is lower back pain. The little adjustments now can make all the difference down the track.

All the best




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