Patterns Patterns Patterns!

Learning the basics

Patternmaking for custom designed footwear is essential for construction. These dainty little cardboard cut outs, may seem pointless but can save you significant time and money.

The premise of patternmaking for design is to plan how the three dimensional shape of the last will relate to the two dimensional individual pieces of leather . For each piece of cut out cardboard denotes each piece leather and information with regards to how these pieces will interact with each other.


Adjustments made at this stage of the design process are be crucial for its construction. Additions and subtractions of leather in certain areas is critical in creating exceptional work. As you can imagine, the seasoned experience of a mentor can provide critical information for a result that you are happy to wear on your feet.

Choosing the correct leather to behave in the properties in which you desire is certainly a foreseeable challenge to come.

The patterns we are making at the moment include the Court, the Gibson/derby and oxford shoe patterns. Although there are still many processes to learn, I cant wait to get stuck into it.


My ultimate goal is to create that shoe that speaks volumes, sings to you, tells a story, jumps out at you and on to your feet.

Stay tuned.

Sweet Soul






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