The Budding Instagram Influencer vs The Extravagant Retiree: Consumer profile

Polar consumer profiling can be a great exercise in exploring the influences and context that each individual brings to the table. A sound understanding of the background and values of a particular person bodes well for a pleasant and fluid interaction.

 With the boom of social media platforms, ‘one-on-one’ face time between younger individuals is decreasing and conversely ‘one-on-one’ screen time is increasing. It is no wonder our older generations are weary of the potential dangers, past and present, that this phenomenon could cause.

 One line of thought is that the reduction of genuine family and interpersonal interactions is leading to increases in depression, anxiety and a greater sense of annexed. People are great at self-medicating, and will often turn to substance abuse, whether it be alcohol or illicit substances to ‘escape’ the today.

 So, lets explore these two profiles and find out a little bit more about the world of a striving instagram influencer and an extravagant retiree.

Instagram Influencer Consumer Context Influence on Footwear Purchases Extravagant Retiree Consumer Context Influence on Footwear Purchases
Gender Female Heels, sneakers and runners Male Boat shoes, formal business shoes, Formal shoes but mainly wears flip flops.
Age Group



17-23 Prioritizes looks and what her friends are wearing. 50-60 Prioritizes comfort and what his wife says he should wear


Australian Weather Australian Weather


Student, Aspiring Instagram Influencer She is what she wear s. Branding is at the top of her priorities Retired, Wealthy, Enjoys spending time at the local yacht club A huge disposable income and has been purchasing his footwear from the same store for 30 years.


Smokes casually with her small core group of friends and parties with every weekend without fail.


If her favorite celebrities haven’t worn them, neither will she. Spending habits stress her out. Owns a lovely home and a couple of Investment properties, He had children with his first wife but rarely gets to spend time with them. Prioritized functionality over style, but cares what they look like and how long they last for.


Living at home, not paying any rent. Often complains about being broke and turns up to her casual weekend job without sleeping the night before.

Still gets pocket money fortnightly.

Cannot afford the brands that she really wants to wear. Still spends copious amounts of money on shoes despite being a poor student. Plenty of money to survive for a few lifetimes but are very aware of their luxurious spending habits’ on trips around the world. High disposable income means that the price tag isn’t a concern, as long as he gets value from his shoes.
Marital Status


Single Has 40 pairs of heels that she rarely wears. Second Marriage His spending habits are not even close to that of his second wife
Personal Achievements 2000 Instagram Followers.

Graduated High school with an above average grade.


Treats herself to a new pair every time she gets a good grade at University A Retired but well renowned engineer and businessman.


Does not change his Footwear Purchases


Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram,


Nike, Jimmy Choo, Asics Yacht club, Wife, Bank Account,






Works out at the gym every day. Believes that if she follows her dreams she will be rich and wealthy with no problems. Purchases gym shoes every six months. He feels as if he deserves to spend the money he has worked so hard for. Believes in quality family time and regrets not spending more time on it whilst he was working. He believes he may as well spend the rest of his money and pass very little down to his children.



He owns 10 pairs, no more, no less.

Sticks with what works and what he likes.

Family Connections


Can’t wait to move out Wears the opposite to what her parents say she should be wearing Paying extra for his parent’s nursing home. Also paying for child support to his first wife. His wife influences purchasing decisions significantly


Featured Image: Fashion Vu, No known Author, 7 Cool habits of stylish people’ Blog Post February 5th 2016, available from <; viewed 27th of February 2017


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