What’s trending this Winter in footwear?

I would like to give you a taste of one of the upcoming trends in footwear this Winter. This seasons inspiration is driven by ‘Infusion’ where styles “explore the growing interdependence between humans and technology, and the resulting convergence between the real and the virtual, the tactile and the technological, and the past and the present. Unusual pairings and everyday luxury are recurrent themes.” (WGSN.com)

For Women, designs draw on subtle retro influences, particularly from the 1970s, but still feel distinctly modern. Minimalist and maximalist styles merge, with extravagant, over-sized silhouettes tempered by simple materials and colours. Key points to remember this season are;

  1. Classic materials from this era, such as snakeskin, are applied to contemporary items such as trainers, and designs take a more masculine, sartorial direction.
  2. Luxury is understated: opulence becomes less overt as maximalist details converge with minimalist shapes and materials. Bold, restrained colour-blocking is key for simple yet striking footwear styles
  3. Ladylike looks are subverted for youth appeal: classic vintage silhouettes such as kitten heels and square toes are reclaimed for the youth market. Classic feminine styles reminiscent of the 1970s are streamlined. Feature hardware such as buckles and laces are key. Materials include polished and patent leather.
  4. Lines are blurred between accessories and apparel: materials for accessories coordinate with apparel to create a clean and sophisticated look




For men’s footwear, this season focus on convergence and luxury results in pieces that are at once timeless and modern. Retro references are strong and plush textures and materials take prominence over print and pattern. This is an optimistic trend with upbeat colours.

Key points to men’s footwear include

  1. Opulent materials are key: rich animal skins such as croc and snake give pared-down silhouettes a luxurious feel, while plush velvets and metallic leathers bring an androgynous touch to street wear
  2. Footwear is inspired by 1980s team kit: trainers are re-released from the archives and smartened-up to make them feel more modern.
  3. Focus on finely crafted details: INfusion is a luxury-focused trend, with importance placed on finely crafted materials, rather than distracting prints and patterns. Quality is key and details are important. Luxury skins paired with low-key silhouettes create the mood for this dressed up casual look.





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