The Shoe-porium

The Emporium has a wide variety of footwear available to purchase and is often overwhelming to decide which shoes may suit your current priorities.

Below is a table breaking down just a handful of brands available from the Emporium in the Melbourne CBD and some of the features that these brands have to offer.

High End Brand Name 124 Shoes
Colours Black, Brown, Tan, Multi-tone boots
Key Styles Chukka Boots, Boots, Derby, Oxfords, Layers of materials
Materials used Nappa hide (blake construction), buffalo, calf,
Price point Full Price; 400-800
Feel of store/Merchandising Modern, Comfort, Intriguing layout, Dark space but well lit
Mid Level Brand Name Timberland
Colours Tan, Black, White, Pink, Purple, Navy, Green
Key Styles Trail Boots both Men and Women.

Timberland is branching out into sneakers and everyday boots

Materials used Nubuck, ReCanvas (TM*), Rubber outsole, Leather Lining, Canvas Fabric
Price point 250-400 Full Price
Feel of store/Merchandising Warm and cosy, Adventurous
Fast Street Fashion Brand Name Platypus
Colours Black, White, Red, Print, green, grey, blue,
Key Styles Range of sneakers, Boots, Street Wear,
Materials used Stockist of Asics, New Balance, Timberlands, Adidas, Puma, Converse, Nike. Varied materials; Canvas Leather, Mesh, Nylon, Suede, Synthetic, Textile
Price point 100-300 Full Price,
Feel of store/Merchandising Great Branding, Simple and Clear store message, Genuine retailer
Independent Designer Brand Name R & M Williams
Colours Black, Tan, Brown, Dark Green
Key Styles Boots, Unique toe last shape, Bespoke
Materials used Premium Leather, Crocodile,
Price point 300-3000
Feel of store/Merchandising Down to Earth and grounded. Focus on quality and craftsmanship




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