Timeless, John Fluevog

John Fluevog is a masterful Canadian footwear designer creating timeless works for the last forty years.


I was lucky enough to visit the Fluevog store in Vancouver a year ago and was amazed at the layout and vibrancy of the store. It also helped that it was pride week was on in Vancouver at the time and bright rainbow coloured balloons had been set up in store but I digress. His mission statement is on full display and has a clear understanding of where his shoes fit in the market, with a focus on quality and construction in his footwear.

unnamed (1)


This partunnamed retail store, part workshop, part design studio resonates well with their mission statement:

“We are passionate & we are good; We embrace peculiarity; We love and we live; We are short & tall, crazy & calm; We are (private) dancers; We know our choices matter; We find happiness, heart & expression; & resist boredom; We are influenced and influential; We walk in thankfulness; & are bright with optimism; we are unique souls; we are Fluevog”

The craftsmanship of these shoes, with a focus on quality and simplicity which has proved to stand the test of time, despite the up’s and down’s that this brand has concurred. These works and attention to detail inspire me to have a clear style and focus on quality, over quantity.



I have purposefully left out some of the dates of manufacturing of these shoes because you could almost wear them in any era. Incredible! (featured image were made in the 1980’s)

For more Fluevog click here: https://www.fluevog.com/



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